ThisIs… Full Site Editing

A sneak peek at Full Site Editing with WordPress and Gutenberg

Page 2

In a new WordPress install the first post, with ID 1, is the Hello world post

and the first page, with ID 2, is created as sample-page.

This page is post ID 2. I’ve given it a new slug page-2

This page has a special template named page-2, where the 2 is the post ID.

It’s a simple template consisting of:

<!-- wp:site-title /-->

<!-- wp:site-tagline /-->

<!-- wp:separator -->
<hr class="wp-block-separator"/>
<!-- /wp:separator -->

<!-- wp:post-title /-->

<!-- wp:post-content /-->

Let’s see if it actually works.

If you can’t see the Site tagline it could be because it’s displayed with white text. And that’s not visible on a white background. You should be able to select the words.

PS. custom template name of page-page-2 would trump page-2.