• Why are some FAQs unanswered?

    Question: Why are some FAQs unanswered and how can I help answer them? Answer:

  • Can I use grid to wrap divs?

    Question: Can I use CSS grid to make blocks appear inline? Answer: You can do it using CSS flex box. So it should be possible using grid as well.

  • How do I style the table block using Global Styles and/or theme.json?

    Question: Can I style the table block just by using Global Styles and/or the theme.json file? Answer: I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do this. I cheated by copying some CSS into the theme’s stylesheet.

  • Block Theme Init – Building with Blocks

    I’ve added two videos recorded by Marcus Kazmierczak to my FSE – WordPress Full Site Editing playlist on YouTube.

  • What is a Universal theme?

    A “Universal” theme is a block based theme that aims to work in either classic (customizer) or FSE context.

  • What other FAQs have been answered?

    Question: What other FAQs have been answered about FSE? Where are the “Answers about the FSE project”? Answer: For the questions gathered in Feb 2021 there are 5 sets of answers. FSE Program: Answers about… Answers about the FSE project Answers about templates Answers about themes Answers about restricting access & functionality Answers about general […]

  • Where do reusable blocks fit?

    Question: What the difference between templates, template parts and reusable blocks? Answer: Reusable blocks are already a part of WordPress core. Template parts are similar to single reusable blocks. Templates are similar to reusable blocks that use other reusable blocks. The main difference is that templates and template parts can be delivered by the theme […]

  • Is it accessible?

    Question: Are FSE themes accessible. Is the Site Editor accessible? Answer: Accessibility is one of the Non Functional Requirements of WordPress, so it should be.

  • How are agencies and theme shops preparing?

    Question: How are WordPress based agencies and theme development shops preparing to deliver FSE themes? Answer: Momentum is gathering.

  • How do I set padding to 0 on root?

    Question: I want to eliminate the white space around full width blocks and between groups. How do I do this using Global Styles? Answer: The theme.json file supports the setting of padding. It doesn’t support setting of margins. If you need to reset margins then you’ll have to write some CSS.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Dasihcons
    • Flip boxes
    • Animate CSS
    • Attachment template
  • Hybrid / universal themes
  • Capabilities needed
  • Code
    • shortcodes
  • other block plugins
  • Reusable blocks
  • The plan
  • Widgets
  • Menus – navigation
  • Documentation


Planned FAQS

  • What about flip boxes, dashicons etc?
  • What is silver side reindeering?

Planned code FAQS

  • Can I vary the number of posts listed by category?
  • How do I document my requirements + upvote / downvote requirements?
  • Does prev/next work for pages and CPT’s, both hierarchical and chronological?
  • How do I add the category-faqs template?
  • How can I display related posts by category?
  • How do you override blocks that aren’t Server Side Rendered eg Query, Paragraph.
  • Are FSE themes responsive?
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