• Can you do responsive submenus with images?

    Question: Can you do submenus, are they responsive, can I include images? Answer: You can do submenus, they are responsive.

  • What does settings.color.custom do?

    Question: Does settings.color.custom false disable colour controls? Answer: It doesn’t disable the color palette but does prevent the user from choosing a custom color.

  • Can I create a table which can be filtered or sorted?

    Question: Using the query block, can I create a table which can be filtered or sorted? Answer: Not yet.

  • Does my privacy policy have to change?

    Question: Does my privacy policy have to change if I use Full Site Editing blocks? Answer: No. It shouldn’t need to change.

  • How do you do popups, slide-ins or sticky headers?

    Question: My current theme has popups, slide-ins and sticky headers. How do I do these? Answer: Some of this is plugin territory.

  • Can I use a reusable block in a template or template part?

    Question: Can I use a reusable block in a template or template part? Answer: I wouldn’t recommend it. Use a template part instead.

  • Are template parts blocks?

    Template parts are blocks. They contain inner blocks which can include other template parts.

  • Are templates blocks?

    Templates, which may either be .html files or components stored in the database, contain blocks but are not themselves blocks.

  • Does FSE use blocks?

    Question: Does FSE use blocks? Answer: Yes, it certainly does. At the highest level there’s the template. The template itself is not a block. It’s a collection of blocks. But everything else is a block.

  • Do I need a theme?

    Question: Do I really need a theme? Can’t I just create it myself? Answer: At present, Yes, WordPress requires a theme in order to work. You can try to create it yourself but…


  • Miscellaneous
    • Dasihcons
    • Flip boxes
    • Animate CSS
    • Attachment template
  • Hybrid / universal themes
  • Capabilities needed
  • Code
    • shortcodes
  • other block plugins
  • Reusable blocks
  • The plan
  • Widgets
  • Menus – navigation
  • Documentation


Planned FAQS

  • What about flip boxes, dashicons etc?
  • What is silver side reindeering?

Planned code FAQS

  • Can I vary the number of posts listed by category?
  • How do I document my requirements + upvote / downvote requirements?
  • Does prev/next work for pages and CPT’s, both hierarchical and chronological?
  • How do I add the category-faqs template?
  • How can I display related posts by category?
  • How do you override blocks that aren’t Server Side Rendered eg Query, Paragraph.
  • Are FSE themes responsive?
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