• FSE is … WordCamp Europe 2021

    What is Full Site Editing, what problem does it solve and other questions?

  • Will the customizer still be needed?

    Question: Will the customizer still be needed for FSE themes? Answer: For a pure block based FSE theme the customizer is still provided to enable the site icon to be set.

  • Did you expect to find this?

    This post may not appear to contain what you searched for.

  • How do I prevent search from listing keywords found in block attributes?

    Question: How do I prevent search from listing keywords found in block attributes? Answer: You’ll probably need a plugin to filter the search results.

  • How do you set the site icon?

    To set a custom Site Icon for the site, seen in the Site Editor, use Appearance > Themes > Customise and select a site icon.

  • Can you set the HTML element for columns?

    Question: Is it possible to create a 75/25 column layout where the 25% column to have a <aside> html tag? Answer:

  • What does the Query block keyword field do?

    Question: When using the Query block, what is the purpose of the keyword field? Answer: It’s to perform a search query.

  • WordPress Portsmouth Meetup Video

    This is the final version of the video recording of “A guide to WordPress Full Site Editing, blocks and themes” made at the WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup on 19th May 2021.

  • Where can you drag and drop or paste images?

    Question: If I take a screen capture from somewhere, or attempt to drag and drop an image, what are the possible targets and what’s expected to happen? Answer: That’s a tricky question to answer. Let’s try tabulating the results. Image source Target block Result Clipboard anywhere New image block created Clipboard Cover New image block […]

  • Call #6 – Template editing and navigation block

    These are the comments I wrote in response to Call #6: Stick the landing (pages). 5 comments After completing the 36 steps, I tried the Advanced Steps with the code for the PR. Unfortunately, the PR is built on 10.5.3, but TT1 blocks has already been changed to work with 10.6. Global styles isn’t loaded […]


  • Miscellaneous
    • Dasihcons
    • Flip boxes
    • Animate CSS
    • Attachment template
  • Hybrid / universal themes
  • Capabilities needed
  • Code
    • shortcodes
  • other block plugins
  • Reusable blocks
  • The plan
  • Widgets
  • Menus – navigation
  • Documentation


Planned FAQS

  • What about flip boxes, dashicons etc?
  • What is silver side reindeering?

Planned code FAQS

  • Can I vary the number of posts listed by category?
  • How do I document my requirements + upvote / downvote requirements?
  • Does prev/next work for pages and CPT’s, both hierarchical and chronological?
  • How do I add the category-faqs template?
  • How can I display related posts by category?
  • How do you override blocks that aren’t Server Side Rendered eg Query, Paragraph.
  • Are FSE themes responsive?
  • Navigation

    Page List

    Page Tree ( shortcode )

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