• Updates on WordPress FSE and themes

    From Gutenberg Times.

  • FSE is… Josepha Haden Chomposy

    Full site editing is a collection of projects and together they represent a big change, arguably too much for a single release. The most important context to share is that it isn’t shipping as the full, default experience for users. Josepha

  • FSE is … not

    Free Salon Education FSEconomy Fédération des Sociétés d’Expertise  Frankfurt Stock Exchange Foundations of Software Engineering Field Service Engineer(ing) Fast Software Encryption Full Solar Eclipse

  • thisis… Full Site Editing video (part 2)

    In this video Andrew Leonard and I discuss the Site Editor as I attempt to edit header and footer templates for the thisis theme.

  • #fse-outreach-experiment

    23 Dec – Call #1  – Template editing 18 Feb – Call #2 – Build a Homepage with Site Editing Blocks  9 Mar – Call #3 – Create a fun & custom 404 page 25 Mar – Call #4 – Building a restaurant themed header 14 Apr – Call #5 – Query Quest 12 May […]

  • Can I generate theme.json?

    Use the Gutenberg theme.json creator to generate the source for an experimental-theme.json file.

  • thisis… Full Site Editing video (part 1)

    Part one of who knows how many videos made while attempting to prepare an answer to “What is Full Site Editing?”.

  • Full Site Editing is… Anne McCarthy

    Why is it being done? Simply put, it’s to empower users. Rather than having a specific part of the site locked away in a theme or requiring a plugin, full-site editing will basically open it up to customize any part of your site the way you want to, or, on the flip side, you can […]

  • This is… Full Site Editing

    Question: What is Full Site Editing? Answer: It depends who you ask. Perhaps this short video will help you to decide for yourself. This is full site editing, by Herb Miller

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  • Miscellaneous
    • Dasihcons
    • Flip boxes
    • Animate CSS
    • Attachment template
  • Hybrid / universal themes
  • Capabilities needed
  • Code
    • shortcodes
  • other block plugins
  • Reusable blocks
  • The plan
  • Widgets
  • Menus – navigation
  • Documentation


Planned FAQS

  • What about flip boxes, dashicons etc?
  • What is silver side reindeering?

Planned code FAQS

  • Can I vary the number of posts listed by category?
  • How do I document my requirements + upvote / downvote requirements?
  • Does prev/next work for pages and CPT’s, both hierarchical and chronological?
  • How do I add the category-faqs template?
  • How can I display related posts by category?
  • How do you override blocks that aren’t Server Side Rendered eg Query, Paragraph.
  • Are FSE themes responsive?
  • Navigation

    Page List

    Page Tree ( shortcode )

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