• FSE outreach experiment – Call #8 – Thrive with theme.json

    A summary of my notes from the (Very) Advanced steps for FSE Outreach experiment Call #8 – Thrive with theme.json.

  • Which blocks support custom margin?

    Question: I managed to find a block that supported setting of the margin, but which one? Answer: Site Title and Site Tagline support custom margin. It’s defined in their block.json files. Spacing for the Site Tagline block Here we can see that the Site Tagline block supports Spacing settings for Padding and Margin. The default […]

  • Full Site Editor capabilities

    Question: What Full Site Editor capabilities available to Admin users are also available to Editors and Authors? Answer: Not many. Editors and Authors can choose the template for the content they can create. Admin Editor Author Site Editor beta Appearance > Menus Appearance > Templates Appearance > Template Parts Yes, but No Ditto Appearance > […]

  • Can you edit using iPad?

    Question: We’ll find out. Answer: Well it’s working for me here.

  • Can you develop an FSE child theme?

    Question: Can FSE themes be child themes? Answer: Yes.

  • Can you integrate WooCommerce?

    Question: Can you create an FSE theme integrated with WooCommerce? Answer: I’ve started developing a theme called Wizzie.

  • What does the dot next to Update mean?

    Question: Every now and then I see a dot next to Publish or Update. What does it mean? Answer: There’s a non-post entity update that will be saved when you publish or update. Here’s a pretty naff simulation using similar CSS to that found in Gutenberg. I’ve put a red period with a green border […]

  • Post Edit block

    Here are three examples of the Post Edit block, with different alignments, links, line-heights and background colours/gradients. If you’re not logged in you won’t see the links. So here’s the screenshot as well. Align left Post Edit block Align: center 36px font, line-height 1.5 Align right The block uses block.json to add support for colors […]

  • Call #7: Polished portfolios

    Attempting the #fse-outreach-program call for testing number 7: Polished portfolios.

  • WordCamp Europe – FSE Walkthrough

    Here is the timeline for the workshop style presentation from Day 2, Track 2, entitled “A walkthrough of Full Site Editing”, by Herb Miller. Timeline Introduction from Magdalena Paciorek 2:26:22 and Abha Thakor 2:27:07 Herb Miller – hmm’s ( thinking “Will I cover everything Abha mentioned?” ) 2:28:16 Website is 2:28:56 Full Site Editing […]

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Planned FAQS

  • What about flip boxes, dashicons etc?
  • What is silver side reindeering?

Planned code FAQS

  • Can I vary the number of posts listed by category?
  • How do I document my requirements + upvote / downvote requirements?
  • Does prev/next work for pages and CPT’s, both hierarchical and chronological?
  • How do I add the category-faqs template?
  • How can I display related posts by category?
  • How do you override blocks that aren’t Server Side Rendered eg Query, Paragraph.
  • Are FSE themes responsive?
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