Some Frequently Asked Questions about Full Site Editing

  • This is… Full Site Editing

    Question: What is Full Site Editing? Answer: It depends who you ask. Perhaps this short video will help you to decide for yourself. This is full site editing, by Herb Miller

  • Do block-templates and block-template-part folders need to be protected?

    Question: What should happen if a user tries to visit a block template or template part folder or file directly? Is there a potential security issue? Answer: If you attempt to visit the folder then you may get a 403 or a 404 from the website hosting. If you visit a file then you’ll probably […]

  • How do I style the table block using Global Styles and/or theme.json?

    Question: Can I style the table block just by using Global Styles and/or the theme.json file? Answer: I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do this. I cheated by copying some CSS into the theme’s stylesheet.

The FAQs above are dynamically populated using the Query block. At present the Query block doesn’t support orderby=rand but I’ve fiddled that by overriding the processing of the Query loop Post Template block and setting Additional CSS class(es) to rand as the trigger.


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