Some Frequently Asked Questions about Full Site Editing

  • Can I continue to use my page builder?

    Question: I use Elementor / Beaver builder / Divi? Can I continue to use it with WordPress FSE? Answer: Yes maybe. But WordPress core logic may be faster – there’s less to load.

  • Can I use template parts in posts?

    Question: Can I use template parts in posts? Answer: Yes. Here’s the Categories and Tags template part embedded in a group.

  • How do I set padding to 0 on root?

    Question: I want to eliminate the white space around full width blocks and between groups. How do I do this using Global Styles? Answer: The theme.json file supports the setting of padding. It doesn’t support setting of margins. If you need to reset margins then you’ll have to write some CSS.

The FAQs above are dynamically populated using the Query block. At present the Query block doesn’t support orderby=rand but I’ve fiddled that by overriding the processing of the Query loop Post Template block and setting Additional CSS class(es) to rand as the trigger.


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