Some Frequently Asked Questions about Full Site Editing

  • How are agencies and theme shops preparing?

    Question: How are WordPress based agencies and theme development shops preparing to deliver FSE themes? Answer: Momentum is gathering.

  • Where do reusable blocks fit?

    Question: What the difference between templates, template parts and reusable blocks? Answer: Reusable blocks are already a part of WordPress core. Template parts are similar to single reusable blocks. Templates are similar to reusable blocks that use other reusable blocks. The main difference is that templates and template parts can be delivered by the theme…

  • Full Site Editor capabilities

    Question: What Full Site Editor capabilities available to Admin users are also available to Editors and Authors? Answer: Not many. Editors and Authors can choose the template for the content they can create. Admin Editor Author Site Editor beta Appearance > Menus Appearance > Templates Appearance > Template Parts Yes, but No Ditto Appearance >…

The FAQs above are dynamically populated using the Query block. At present the Query block doesn’t support orderby=rand but I’ve fiddled that by overriding the processing of the Query loop Post Template block and setting Additional CSS class(es) to rand as the trigger.


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