Some Frequently Asked Questions about Full Site Editing

  • Can I break theme.json down into manageable chunks?

    Question: My theme.json file is getting very large. What can I do? Answer: It’s not yet possible to use multiple configuration files, nor can theme.json be filtered. There are plans to support extensibility, but not in version 1.

  • What happens to empty paragraphs?

    Question: Sometimes I see empty parapgraphs in my templates and template parts. Are these displayed on the front end? Answer: Yes, they are. The HTML is included in the page, but it may not always be visible. The easiest way to delete one is to select it then use the Delete key.

  • Did you expect to find this?

    This post may not appear to contain what you searched for.

The FAQs above are dynamically populated using the Query block. At present the Query block doesn’t support orderby=rand but I’ve fiddled that by overriding the processing of the Query loop Post Template block and setting Additional CSS class(es) to rand as the trigger.


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