Some Frequently Asked Questions about Full Site Editing

  • How do I style the table block using Global Styles and/or theme.json?

    Question: Can I style the table block just by using Global Styles and/or the theme.json file? Answer: I haven’t the foggiest idea how to do this. I cheated by copying some CSS into the theme’s stylesheet.

  • Will my plugins work?

    Question: Will the plugins I’m already using continue to work? Answer: It depends on how they hooked into WordPress.

  • Which blocks support custom margin?

    Question: I managed to find a block that supported setting of the margin, but which one? Answer: Site Title and Site Tagline support custom margin. It’s defined in their block.json files. Spacing for the Site Tagline block Here we can see that the Site Tagline block supports Spacing settings for Padding and Margin. The default […]

The FAQs above are dynamically populated using the Query block. At present the Query block doesn’t support orderby=rand but I’ve fiddled that by overriding the processing of the Query loop Post Template block and setting Additional CSS class(es) to rand as the trigger.


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