Components used


The Site Editor will not be part of WordPress core until 5.9. If you want to develop an FSE theme you’ll need the Gutenberg plugin.

ThisIs… theme

This site was developed in parallel with the ThisIs theme. It is a demonstration of a site created using Full Site Editing.

Additional plugins

SB Breadcrumbs block

Show breadcrumbs to the current content as links.

SB Children block

List children of the current content as links.

SB PrevNext block

Display Previous and Next links for pages.

SB Post-edit block

Displays an Edit link to authorised users.


OIK information kit. Pre-requisite to oik-fields


Debug trace for WordPress, including action and filter tracing.


Field formatting for custom post type meta data and ‘virtual’ fields.


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    Page Tree ( shortcode )

    WordPress version: 5.7.2

    Gutenberg version: 10.8.0

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